Aloe Vera Plant


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continued from Little Boobies

Work the Crowd

We start getting dressed up and only pack what we need in Vancouver because pilot told us to pack light. Because the small private jet will be maxed out with fuel in case we can not land in Vancouver and have to fly some where else to land. To us it is just a day trip to go play in the rain. Liz figures the new hostess needs to smell like a man when she wears the tux because she like a lady. We all looked at Liz when she said that because we doubted that the audience should not be able to smell us on stage. Then Liz being the oldest pointed out when we walk the audience during a dinner show. Now we had to have a drink to that because Liz is correct. Now I have to share my manly speed stick for my under arms with the new hostess. It is like having a bother that is wearing my street clothes and sharing everything. Naughty Natalie did point out that it will be quite a view years before I will even own a shaving kit like most men. Now Naughty Natalie is correct so when she is old enough to have full body orgasms like Liz then I might be shaving. With that Naughty Natalie said the word “fine” which is a question. The new hostess asked what is a full body orgasm. Now we all looked her and waited for Liz to say something. Liz replied back that she will buy the new hostess a book since I bought the hostess the last book. The make up person arrived and the owner asked that everyone looks prefect for Vancouver. My make up was done and Liz got everything for the new hostess to become a man in the tux. Now it was time to fly to Vancouver with the usual limousine ride to the hangar at the Calgary airport. The pilots had taken a taxi to be head of us to get the small private jet ready to fly.

The flight to Vancouver was boring and it was raining when we arrived. We teased the owner how we suffered through all the sunshine Vancouver had when we could not fly back to Manitoba because it was too cold. The limousine is waiting and the driver is happy to see us and hopes we are eating good tonight because we fed him well last time. The owner had to met the fellow personally that helped us out and is glad he is driving tonight. The first show is a dinner show. The new hostess with doing the non-fitting Dominatrix routine by not showing too much and I will use my top hat to cover her ass like I have done in the past. Then when in our tux we will walk the audience to make it last longer. The extra hostesses will do their usually performance of being the back up singers and showing up when needed and disappearing when not needed. When we arrive at the place where we are preforming the rookie co-pilot took food out to the limousine driver like we promised. The owner disappeared on us when we were back stage. She told Liz to put on a good show because she will be watching. The show starts and we have fun and work the audience as we walk through the audience. The ladies were getting their ass touch and the whip on the hand that touched seem the be the standard practice. The new hostess and I got our ass touched even wearing the tux and the Dominatrix ladies used the whip on the hands that touched us. Liz was correct in having the new hostess smell like a man. We all agreed it made a big difference in the performance. Liz made us work the audience when on stage stripped down. Before the owner disappeared when we arrived she told Liz for the best performance we could do. I usual only get my bare ass show twice very quickly but not tonight. Liz is holding my silk underwear down and teasing the audience. They are chanting and screaming more and more like a Canadian rock concert. Now this has me worried because I am not sure I want my ass to be famous or if my silk underwear gets removed then everyone can see my Male Manhood. The new hostess is just loving it having everyone enjoy her bare ass that everyone has always made fun of her for not being more female with a female ass. I hope if Liz does drop my silk underwear that the long white shirt that is the only piece of clothing left from the tux other then my top hat. The white shirt should cover my Male Manhood if my silk underwear is removed. As I think about this Liz now grabs my ass cheek with one of her hands and gives it a shake which the audience loves and wants more. Then Naughty Natalie does the same to the new hostess who is smiling and enjoying herself compared to me living in fear. Liz then slaps my ass with her bare hand which felt better then the whip. When the new hostess gets her ass slap by Naughty Natalie’s hand she made a sound of enjoyment that a male would not make because she was loving it. I was so glad when Liz pulled up my silk underwear and gave my ass one last whip then got me to sit in the chair. Naughty Natalie did the same to the new hostess who was really enjoying herself. Now Liz whip me on my hockey cup hard which is felt on my Male Manhood. Then Naughty Natalie did the same to the new hostess and her reactions were what a real male would have done so she is learning how to act when hit between the legs.

Now Liz works me hard with the whip and her boots on the chair between my legs so the audience can see her great ass and the garter belt straps digging. Then Liz only opened my white shirt up but did not remove the shirt because it will be more of a tease for the new hostess and the audience. Liz uses her whip to show the audience my male nipples by lifting the white shirt up and away as part of the tease. Naughty Natalie does the same to the new hostess who is loving this even more because she always teased about having no boobies, Now all the people paid good money for her to be on stage in Vancouver to see her nipples being teased for their enjoyment. Now Liz gets the white shirt to stay open so the whole audience can see my bare chest with my one chest hair. Naughty Natalie has the new hostess the same way but the audience has not figured out she is female yet. Liz leans over and whispers in my ear on what she is going to do to me in the shower tonight taking my make up off. Then pinched my male nipple with her hand so the audience can see everything. The new hostess gets the same treatment and enjoys it very much and the audience did too. We seem to be on stage forever in our silk underwear and when finish the audience seems to be confused. But when we did the final bow and curtsey to say thank you for being a great audience the new hostess did not bow like an English gentleman but a curtsey. Then removed the top hat to let her long hair fall over her head so the audience could she was really a woman. The audience then gave a standing ovation which the hostess and extra hostesses dressed in leather joined us on stage. We had a hard time getting off the stage because the audience want to shake our hands and say thank you which surprised us. Back stage the owner re-appeared and had business people for us to meet. Naughty Natalie did the meeting along with everyone else because Liz had to get us dressed so we could leave to make the next show. We were first in the limousine as everyone else followed. The owner was so happy because the show was a success not base on what people think they want but the illusion we gave them. The new hostess was all smiles and wish that friends back home could see her now having so much fun.

The second show was a great success and we were all flying high when the small private jet took off to fly us back to Calgary to our basic rooms at the fancy motel. The hostess served the drinks on the aircraft because the owner made sure her hand bag had enough for the one drink being served to travel to Calgary. The limousine is waiting for us and the pilots will get a taxi back to the fancy motel when the small private jet is put away. We were all happy in the limousine and the doormen and bellhops were happy to see us returns. They like seeing us because it makes their long night go faster. Back in the room the outfits get handled and Naughty Natalie has the direct telephone to the motel kitchen so we can get room anytime. Liz got the drinks poured and we have a shower to get my make up off and the new hostess joins us to get her make up off. When Liz seen our ass with the whip marks she made us have a hot bath to soak. Liz apologized to me about being so hard on my ass but she was asked to put on a good show. Liz leaves the new hostess and I in the bathtub soaking. The bathtub is big enough that the hostess can sit at one end by the taps that fill the tub. I can sit at the other end with my legs stretched out. When Liz returned she had a good laugh because we looked so the same in having skinny bodies sitting in the bathtub. Except I had my Male Manhood and the new hostess had long hair. Both of us did not know what to think of Liz laughing at us but we had fun. When it was time to get out of the bathtub and join everyone else in the room. Liz borrowed the cream the hostess bought at the shopping mall for when between her legs that was hurting from Viagra Sex. Liz put the cream on my male nipples and rubbed it in then she did the same to the new hostess. For some reason we both liked it when Liz did it maybe because Liz was smiling at us when she did it.

When the 3 of us came out of the bathroom everyone was clapping for us because it was an excellent show. The food had arrived and Naughty Natalie did an excellent job in ordering because pizza was getting boring. The owner is so pleased at what we all did and she really meant “all of us” the show was success because it was a group effort. We all drink to that and say thank you. Then the owner raiser her glass to the new hostess for showing everyone that you can be yourself and people will accept you for who you are. Then the owner give me a toast for being a tough kid on stage in taking the whip. We all had a good drink and agreed it was a good time. When the owner was ready to go to her room she asked the rookie co-pilot to join her which he did. As the owner walked by the pilot to exit the room she told the pilot she gave the rookie co-pilot the room because he needs his sleep. That made us all smile and laugh. Liz stopped the drinks because everyone need their sleep because we do not know where we are going or doing in the morning. Naughty Natalie and the new hostess sleep naked while Liz sleeps naked with her black silk robe that I bought her covering her body. But shows just enough to tease even when others are in the room. I wear and sleep in my sweat pants and tee shirt that Liz wore after the night of “hell” and she will not let me wear any of my other clothes for some reason. Liz woke me up after we had gone to sleep saying she needs the Magical Finger Fairy which I agree to. It did not take long to Liz to enjoy herself with the magic of my fingers but then again she has been tease lots in the last week of traveling. She thanked me when we were finished because she said she will be able to sleep now. She has fears of having night mares and I do not want her having nightmares either. We were able to sleep late in the morning and the owner will know something when we go down to the fancy motel cafe’. When we do go down to the cafe’ the owner has good news and more shows booked which we like. We went non stop for another week with shows everywhere but we used Calgary as a base. Because the small private jet was parked in a warm hangar plus we liked the fancy motel.


Home Friday

When we arrived on Friday in Brandon after shows in Toronto it felt good to be home. It was almost 2 weeks on non stop shows and travels with my male nipples hurting along with my ass. Everyone was upset on the small private jet when we flew over Winnipeg to drop us off on Brandon. The owner went with us to Toronto to make new business friends which she did. When we said good bye to everyone on the small private jet, the owner said she will be in touch. Dad was there to pick us at the airport and he was quite surprised at us being gone so long but is did warm up since we left. Dad asked who our new friend was because the new hostess became homeless. When we were in Toronto there was a message for her to call home and she did. Her mother decided she was old enough to live on her own with some other excuses. Philip had delivery service go by her mother’s house and pick up the few things she owned. The new hostess did not know what to do but she has shared our bed for 2 weeks so we brought her home. Dad was quite impressed and happy to meet her. Philip will send her belongs out to Brandon next week to the little apartment because she has been wearing my clothes while traveling. Since it is payday Friday dad will buy us supper at DKs Fish and Chips tonight which made us happy. A small family supper in a quite cafe’ is what we can use right now. We are not used to being around a lot of people then we spent 2 weeks as a tight group of 10 which was interest but not our lifestyle. Dad is driving the 67 Chevy which has lots of room in the cab for 5 skinny people like us. The laws of Manitoba state that only 3 in the cab is legal plus seat belts were not enforced very much in the mid 1980s. Any time dad thought the cops could see us or behind us, Naughty Natalie would lay on dad’s lap as he drove then the new hostess who be laying on top of her. This made it look like only 3 in the cab which is legal. Since I own the truck and never get to drive it, I have to sit by the passenger door with Liz by my side. When we pull in to DKs Fish and Chip to park, mother pulls up behind the 67 Chevy to tell dad she is going home to the pink house with the sister and Disco Queens. Dad seen mother’s mini van behind us so he was able to slide out of the driver’s seat leaving Naughty Natalie and the new hostess still laying on their sides so they can not be seen. There was no way I was going to get out of the 67 Chevy to talk to mother.

Once mother had left in her mini van we got out of the 67 Chevy truck and went in to the cafe’. The smell of fish that was going to taste so good was making us hungry. Dad gets introduced to the new hostess but Naughty Natalie has told dad everything over the numerous telephone calls over the past 2 weeks. Dad says he is out of peanut butter cookies at the little apartment. Liz told dad she will make some fresh cookie for him in the morning which made dad happy. As we wait for our fish &chips to come, dad offers us another bed for the little apartment. Since there is now 4 of us that will be sleeping in the one bed. Naughty Natalie assures dad we are OK because we have been sleeping in one motel bed the whole time. Now that surprised dad because his son was not any good in hockey but is now sharing his bed with 3 women. Just Hugh Hefner in the Playboy Mansion with all the Playboy Playmates. Of course Naughty Natalie had to tell dad that we all shower together too. That put an even bigger smile on dad face because dad is proud of his son. I was so glad when the food came because we were all hungry. The fish tasted so good and Liz thanked dad for think of her. Plus we told dad that the new hostess is from the east coast too and enjoyed the east coast dinner Miss Margret served us in Edmonton. After supper dad was nice enough to drive to the VHS rental store so we could get VHS movies to watch. The new hostess is very quiet and does not say to much and is acting shy. When it came time to pay for the rentals she used her rental card because she moved away in July and had all these free rentals not used. That surprised us because in our eyes she is a Winnipeg person not a Brandon person. Dad dropped us off at the little apartment and will take everything to the dry cleaners on Monday morning. He will be back in the morning to pick up Naughty Natalie because they have so much to do that she missed while gone for 2 weeks having fun all over Canada. Liz decides to bake the peanut butter cookies now so they are ready in the morning for dad. We get all the outfits laid out in the little apartment and the new hostess fits in well as if we are in the a motel room some where in Canada.

We fell asleep at the start of the first VHS movie because we were tired and needed sleep. Dad woke us up in the morning because we slept in. Liz wearing her black silk robe that I bought her let dad in before he used his key to get in. Naughty Natalie went and gave dad a morning hug and get cookies for him to eat as Liz started the morning coffee. Dad is used to Naughty Natalie being naked and was very surprised when the new hostess was walking around the little apartment naked too. Liz and I are the only ones to wearing clothes but Liz shows enough to tease as a married woman. When I joined dad at the kitchen table, the new hostess sat beside dad while Naughty Natalie sat on the other side of dad but very close to help him eat his peanut butter cookies. Dad was being polite in having the new hostess sitting beside him but he is just wanting to ask what is the whole story with her. She does not have any female boobies or ass to be preforming and dad has seen the shows. Naughty Natalie and Liz have prefect bodies with boobies and ass to be featured on the pages of Playboy. Naughty Natalie has told dad about the shows we were doing and how it is the new hostess and me on stage at the end. Naughty Natalie tells dad every detail of what she does to the new hostess. Dad thought the new hostess had the same body as Naughty Natalie and Liz but she looks like me. Liz seen that dad has suffered enough and began to explain the new magician show we are now doing. When Liz was done explaining dad understood and congratulated the new hostess for showing the world you can be anything you want to be. The new hostess thanked dad and enjoyed her coffee and cookies with us. Naughty Natalie and dad will run and round doing father and son things and pick us up later to have supper at the pink house. A free supper is good with us and I just smiled at dad for the father and son comment because Naughty Natalie is the son dad always wanted. When Naughty Natalie and dad left the 3 of went bad to bed and slept till noon which felt so good because it was our bed we were sleeping in. The new hostess likes our bed and never seems to complain about anything. We watch a VHS movie to relax then start to get ready to go to the pink house for supper and enjoy a “nice” visit with mother. The new hostess does not have any clothes so she is wearing my clothes. They fit including my underwear too because she is out of clean panties. We did not want to listen the washer and dryer in the little apartment today because we just wanted to relax and enjoy so quiet time.


Chevy Chevette

Naughty Natalie telephoned us to tell us they were on the way to pick us up and we are ready. Of course I have to sit by the cold and drafty door on the passenger side of the 67 Chevy. Naughty Natalie and the new hostess are laying over on their side so the truck looks to have the legal amount of 3 passengers in the cab. It is day light so everyone can see us. Once out on the highway they can sit up right and enjoy view of white snow covering everything. Dad is telling Naughty Natalie what he has done on the 67 Chevy while he has been driving it and made some improvements on the carburetor. They chat away about improving my truck as Liz holds my hand to remind this is not a bad dream. Climbing the big hill on the Trans Canada Highway to Alexander. Dad passes a Chevy Chevette car which was General Motors Chevrolete answer to the cheap foreign cars coming from Asia. The only problem is they were a terrible little car and got the nicknamed right from the new car dealerships as the Chevy Shitbox. The side windows in the 67 Chevy are frosted up and same as the Chevy Shitbox that is barely climbing the big hill. Even Naughty Natalie tells dad having the 67 Chevy passing the Chevy Shitbox on the big hill that must be embarrassing for the person driving the car. Dad then tells us that is pne of the new neighbors that bought the house beside the pink house in Alexander. They are a young couple just married and starting out. The yellow Chevy Shitbox is drive by the wife in the marriage named Joy and the husband drives the blue Chevy Shitbox is named Jim. I then had to correct dad because I am colour blind that we just pasted the light grey Chevy Shitbox driven by Joy and the husband drives the dark grey Chevy Shitbox. Dad agreed with me as he drove along with the 67 Chevy now back up to the speed limit. The new hostess did not understand so Liz had to tell her I am colour blind and can only see in Black & White. That surprised her that I see no colours and she never knew that. Dad then told the new hostess not to give me a box of Smarties and tell me to eat the red ones last. Everybody laughed but me for some reason.

We arrive at the pink house in Alexander and there is big Chevy impala car in the young married couple’s driveway with American license plates. Dad tells that is Joy’s parents from the USA driving the car from the farm. Dad asks me to go over to tell the parents that Joy will be home right away because we passed her on the highway in the Chevy Shitbox. When I walk over to the young married couples house, I noticed the American’s parents Chevy impala car had black exhaust out the tail pipe plus black soot on the white snow covered ground. The driver is Joy’s dad and he rolls down the driver’s door window and keeps revving the Chevy motor up and down to high revs to keep the Chevy motor running. It looks and sounds like the choke is sticking on the carburetor which a simple adjustment. Joy’s parents just look at me as I talked saying I could look at the choke on the motor and Joy will be here right a way because we passed her on the highway. Joy’s dad just keeps revving the Chevy motor up and down and both her parents just looked at me and say nothing. I walked back over to the pink house thinking to myself that these are very rude Americans. When I am standing beside dad and Liz about say how rude Joy’s parents are, Joy pulls in the driveway of her house. She gets out of the light grey Chevy Shitbox and walks over to her parents talking to them in sign language. Now I feel like an idiot because if I looked right at them they could have read my lips on what I was saying but I looked everywhere but at them. Now Naughty Natalie and dad go over to adjust the choke on the Chevy motor on Joy’s parents car. Liz, the new hostess and I join them and meet Joy’s parents in a proper way. Her parents are very independent for both being deaf and able to travel back and forth to visit in Canada from the farm in the USA. Naughty Natalie and I had a hard enough time to get a cross the border last summer in the 37 Dodge. Naughty Natalie has to tell everyone it is because the border customs people wanted to check her underwear in her suitcase one piece at a time. Joy invites us in to the house to see the new stove she got for baking. Dad wants Liz to see these stove because it has double ovens. As men we are not sure why would a woman wants a double oven when baking cookies that is one temperature. Then Joy pointed out the double oven is required for all the different dishes cooked at different temperatures for the pot luck suppers the community puts on. Jim and Joy are following in dad and mother’s foot steps 20 years later by being young and having kids raising them in Alexander. Now Jim has woken up from working the night shift in Brandon and is asking what day it is. Working night shift all the time gets a person a little confused as to which day it is. But being a true Canadian Jim offers us a beer while the ladies are now talking about the new stove with double ovens. Joy’s parents are following along with us as we talk because they can read our lips and have an idea what we are saying. Plus when they talk in sign language we can follow along too in what they are saying by the expressions on their faces. Joy’s dad said something in sign language that Joys’ mother picked up. Then they had a chat in sign language that we could tell it was no different then a married couple having a verbal heated conversation because their hands were talking as if they were mad at each other. Then Joy’s mother said the word “fine” in sign language with her hands and we all seen that. The smartest thing Joy’s dad did was not say anything with his hands. Because like any male in Canada or the USA, anything you say after the woman says the word “fine” will only dig a deeper hole. Jim then offers his father in-law another beer which is the most simplest language known to man which is just show the fellow a beer and past it over. No words spoken by the mouth or by the hands. Dad and I always figured the sister took and studied sign language in hopes of meeting the prefect man for her. If any young man looking for love or a hand in marriage with the sister which dad and mother only hope. Everything would be find and prefect until she opened her mouth and tried to chat or communicate with the young man. The sister would only get 2 sentence spoken and the young man would be gone because the sister has lots of issues but talking in sign language will hide most of that. She has the 3 Disco Queens hanging out with her now so between the 4 of then they can complete a sentence or at least function in this world. Dad knows that I will be the only one to give him the grandson he wants. But with which lady I share my bed with because it is now up to three ladies. Now Naughty Natalie has to correct me in pointing out that I only have sex with her. Liz heard the word sex and confirmed that I do not have sex with her and showed everyone her big shiny wedding ring. The new hostess joined in and told everyone that she does not have sex with me but just showers with me. Now that everyone is confused even Joy’s parents could read the lips to see that this is a little too confusing for their lifestyle back on the farm in the USA. That is when we headed to the pink house to upset mother. We say good bye to everyone and it was quick walk to the pink house. Dad says he will check on Joy’s parent’s Chevy car in the morning when the engine is cold to see how it starts. Being deaf they have to rev the motor up to feel the vibration because rpm gauges on motors were an expensive extra back when the farm car was new 15 years ago.


Mother is Concerned

Mother was concerned that she seen the 67 Chevy in the driveway but did not know where we went too. Mother made us the standard roast beef dinner with the potatoes and carrots cooked in the big roaster too. The pink house smells so good and supper is ready to be served. Mother did not notice the new hostess was with us and we did not say anything. Liz got the new hostess to sit close to mother and of course Naughty Natalie has to sit close to dad. The sister and Disco Queens are on their side of the table and we are on our side of the table to let the fun begin. The new hostess could not believe the sister and Disco Queens with the amount of hair spray that she could smell from across the table. When mother sat down to begin supper that is when she first seen the new hostess. That was a surprise for mother and ask where did she come from. Naughty Natalie had to tell mother where all babies come from which was to get mother pissed off so we can enjoy the meal. Dad has poured the drinks and had to ask if the new hostess is old enough to drink or is allowed booze at all. Liz says she is of age and dad gave her a glass with a shot of Crown Royal in the glass with ice. Once dad had the Crown Royal served we all drank it in one shot including the new hostess. Mother had the “cooler drinks” for the sister and the Disco Queens and she was drinking one too. Mother then asked where did the new hostess come from and her name please as if this was a police investigate which it was. Because on Monday when mother is back at work on the Shilo base in the Military Police Building this info witll be added to the files. Mother was taking a drink of her “cooler drink” when the new hostess said her full real name. That caught mother off guard and she spit her mouth full of “cooler drink” all over the sister and Disco Queen. As mother was coughing up a lung trying to recover from the name that the new hostess gave. Dad in a very calm manner asked mother if she knows the new hostess. That is when mother coughed up her other lung and was having a hard time breathing. Dad did the smart thing and served us more Crown Royal as mother took forever to recover from the new hostess saying her full name. The new hostess was not too concern like the rest of us watching mother.

Finally mother was able to recover and we could begin to eat the excellent smelling roast beef dinner. Then mother asked the new hostess another question “do you know this man”? The new hostess replied that is her “dad”. Now mother spit her food out of her mouth plus her false teeth on to the sister. Now that made us laugh because the rate mother is going by the end of the meal, the sister and Disco Queens will need a change of clothes. The new hostess has no idea why mother is asking all the questions because she knows nothing of what is going on. Liz leaned over to the new hostess and told her she will explain later. Now we have to go to plan B because we thought the new hostess would impress mother not put her in to shock. The new hostess was going to ask mother for an Aloe Vera plant because mother has lots of them. My parents are the flower child of the 1960s and like having plants everywhere. This might explain why the sister is not all there in the brains department when it comes to functioning in the real world. When growing up in the pink house we had to water the plants as part of weekly chores. Plus when women breast feed a new born baby everything is fine until the baby gets teeth. Now the teeth makes the breast feeding nipples sore which the new hostess and I have right now. If mother gave the new hostess an Aloe Vera plant then we could break the leaf off and rub the juices from the leaf on our sore nipples and they will heal quickly. I can not ask mother for one of the plants because when she dies the sister will get everything and I might get the toaster. Plan B will be to get Naughty Natalie to get an Aloe Vera plant from mother. Now Naughty Natalie in her cute voice asks mother if she can have an Aloe Vera plant because her nipples are sore. By the expression on mother face and the look in her eyes the answer was going to be “no”. Then dad spoke up in saying it has been so cold that Naughty Natalie has dry cracked nipples. Mother now called dad by his given name of “Henry” because how would he know if Naughty Natalie had dry skin on her nipples. We all looked at dad because it was a good try but now we have all dug ourselves a deep hole tonight and we have only had 2 shots of Crown Royal. I can not drink any more booze so now I have to watch the rest of this sober as I eat my delicious meal. Now Liz has to show mother her big shiny wedding ring which the new hostess sitting between Liz and mother has made numerous comments on her wedding ring. Plus Liz is touching and holding me anytime we have been in the pink house. Mother is not impressed with the big shiny wedding ring being shown off. Of course Liz had to repeat herself on what she told mother in Calgary at the fancy motel cafe’ that her son is a true gentleman in making her panties wet not her eyes. Liz did it with prefect timing because the sister and Disco Queens are now wearing the food and false teeth that was in mother’s mouth. Mother just spit them out and was coughing up a lung again. The new hostess was very polite in pointing that what Liz has just said is very true. She has seen it personally sharing the same bed over the last 2 weeks while traveling Canada in a private jet. Now mother can not stopping coughing and the “cooler drink” that she drinks to trying and stop coughing only to get spit all over the sister and Disco Queens. We are not sure if the sister and Disco Queens are more stunned then usual with most of mother’s supper getting spit on them or the fact we travel in a private jet.

Dad serves more Crown Royal and I switch to Pepsi for the rest of my meal because the entertainment is good tonight with our meal. Once mother had quit coughing and was able to get back to eating then she had to ask the new hostess a simple question. Which only caused her to spit another mouth full of food at the sister and Disco Queens. The simple question to the new hostess was the address when she lived on the Shilo base being the same address as Liz’s PMQ. This only confirmed more things to mother who this new lady is that is now sharing the bed with her only son. Now mother is done with the questions and remains quiet for the rest of the meal and desert. Desert for supper was cherry pie for all of us. But for desert dad pulls out a bag of fresh peanut butter cookies that Liz made for him and eats all of them in front of mother. Mother only looked at dad with fire in her eyes. When one of the Disco Queens asked dad for a cookie, dad politely told “it” “no” because Liz made these cookies for him. That is when the Disco Queen looked like “it” was going to cry so mother got up and got a store bought health cookie for the Disco Queen to eat. Dad knows he will be sleeping in his recliner tonight like any other night of his married life. When we go to leave mother has an Aloe Vera plant covered in a towel because of the cold weather for Naughty Natalie to take because if Naughty Natalie is not happy then dad is not happy. We all said thank you for supper and I get to drive my 67 Chevy for the first time in a month because everyone has been driving the $500.00 farm truck except me. It was quick trip home to the little apartment and after a long shower with the ladies the Aloe Vera plant felt so good on my male nipples. Even the new hostess was happy when Liz put some of the plant juices on her nipples. It was a relaxing evening by ourselves watching VHS movies and falling a sleep early. As 1980s Heavy Metal Music kids we fall asleep early because when we are traveling as a magician show we sleep when we can.

We are off to a slow start Sunday morning and Naughty Natalie and Liz are now wearing sweat pants around the little apartment because the 28 days is up for them. But the new hostess is walking around naked and I still wear my sweat pants and tee shirt. Liz wants to travel to the Shilo base and check the mail at the PMQ because it has been a month. She would like to know if she is still married our not. Plus Liz wants to take the black silk robe that Naughty Natalie was wearing until I bought her a new one in Calgary. Liz wants the black silk robe that her husband bought her back in with her clothes at the PMQ. She wants nothing of those memories in the little apartment for some reason. Liz calls Tom and his wife in Shilo and asked them to come a few drinks at the PMQ when we arrive this afternoon. Tom’s wife says they will be glad to come for drinks and catch up on what has happened in the last month. Liz and I cooked a late breakfast for everyone in the little apartment so we can leave and be in Shilo for 2pm. The drive to Shilo was relaxing and Naughty Natalie is driving the 67 Chevy as I get to enjoy the cold draft coming in and around the passenger door of the truck. When Naughty Natalie pulls up to the guard building to get on the Shilo base the funny guard comes out. He makes a few funny jokes on how we have not been around in the last month and we let Naughty Natalie do all the talking with her cleavage. The funny guard asked who the new hostess was and that is when we knew that our little visit to the PMQ will be over before it starts. The funny guard knew the new hostess and ask how her dad is doing. The new hostess only replied back that he is doing good. The funny guard asked if we are staying over night on the Shilo base and we made the mistake of saying “no”. The funny guard let us on the Shilo base and Naughty Natalie drove to Liz’s PMQ.


PMQ -- No Fun

We arrive and there are no fresh tracks in the snow in the driveway and the 67 Chevy is parked on the street. The driveway had too much snow because the Shilo base maintenance has not plowed the snow. This is normal for the base maintenance not to do anything that they are suppose to do because the military is run like all government run operations very poorly. We walk up to the PMQ and Liz grabs the mail out of the mailbox and we can see 2 greeting card envelopes in all the other mail. Liz has a surprised look on her face because her husband will send one greeting card a month to let Liz know if she is still married or not. If the greeting card is address to Liz with her married last name then she is still married. If the greeting card arrives addressed with Liz’s maiden name before marriage then her marriage is over. But to get 2 greeting cards even has us worried. We follow Liz into the PMQ and we are slow entering because we left things laid out to tell us if anyone has been in the house. Since it is daylight we never noticed anyone or any vehicles pulling up behind us as we entered the PMQ. If it was the dark of night like we usually arrive at the PMQ then the lights would have warned us of what was going to happen next. I was behind Liz and all I heard was get down as we are shoved to the floor with the Military Police known as the MPs on top of us. The MP has his knee on my neck and I am on top of Liz who can not move. The MP dragged me off of Liz and another MP has her pinned down. We hear no other voices in the PMQ except the MPs so we do not know if Naughty Natalie or the new hostess has been hurt. Once the MPs handcuffed us they drag us on the floor to the kitchen table area where they usually deal with us in the past. The lead MP shows the search warrant to Liz who calming asks for the correct search warrant for last month they did not have. The lead MP does not answer her questions and does not speak anymore. I notice Liz does not have her mail or anything she was carrying in to the PMQ because it is on the floor where she dropped it. As we lay on the floor handcuffed I can only see the back of Liz’s head and nothing else. There are no sounds from Naughty Natalie or the new hostess which I find strange. The only sounds I can hear is Tom and his wife entering the PMQ and telling the MPs they will not leave because they are our witnesses. Tom and his wife know how the MPs work on a military base and it is best to have outside witnesses because like all cops the MPS do not play fair.

All I hear is Tom and the lead MP arguing and Tom wants to call in more military friends as witnesses because he has seen enough. Now Tom get handcuffed and thrown on the floor on the other side of Liz. Tom’s wife then leaves yelling she will be back. Those are the best words I have hear so far as I lay on the floor. Now they drag the new hostess past us and make her sit in a kitchen chair. I can see that she is handcuffed and only looking down at the floor at us while she sits there. The lead MP is not very nice to her in asking where her dad is and she says nothing. Then the lead MP now puts his hand under her chin to raise her head up to look at him as asks her again where her dad is. She does not reply or shed a tear for the lead MP. This is when I thought for sure the lead MP was going to lose his cool and use force because he was not getting the answers he wants. The lead MP asks her again where her dad is and she said nothing. Then the door to the PMQ is opened and Tom’s wife has returned will a few military friends. The MPs are now out numbered in fighting force and witnesses. The handcuffs are removed from us and Liz grabs a few things from the PMQ and gets her mail from Tom’s wife. She leaves the items she does not want in the little apartment. The military friends escort us off the Shilo base in case the MPs pull us over in the 67 Chevy once we left the PMQ. It was a quick drive back to Brandon to the little apartment were Liz poured us stiff drinks. Nobody spoke the whole time in the 67 Chevy and nobody cried either. The new hostess was the strongest and kept herself together even when the lead MP was getting rough with her. As we sat around the kitchen table in the little apartment enjoying our stiff drinks. Liz asked the new hostess if her dad was the head of the big motorcycle club for Manitoba. Liz would know being a member of the Brandon motorcycle club and hearing the new hostess’s dad name mentioned. The new hostess said “yes” and that is why they moved off the Shilo base because of the MPs. Naughty Natalie says that explains everything because the MPs think that Liz’s husband has taken over from the new hostess’s dad. The new hostess points out that she never seen any drugs or drugs was never talked about when she grew up. The lead MP was hoping the new hostess will “rat out” her dad because there is no drugs. The new hostess say they MPs who rough up her and her mother when her dad was deployed but never come by the PMQ when her dad was home. The MPs only liked being the tough guys around the women and never around when the men were home. It is all making sense on why the MP have taken a dis-like to us. Liz was so glad that Tom’s wife grabbed her mail off the floor after everyone had walked all over it. She asked Naughty Natalie to see how both greeting cards are addressed which were in Liz’s married name. Then Liz asked to see the dates mailed and they were 3 weeks apart. Now we know Liz is still married and have drink to that and Liz is holding up very well. But I know she will need hugs and cuddles later as emotional support.

Tom telephones from Shilo base and asked if they can stop by the little apartment to have a few drinks that they were suppose to have. Plus they have a ride to Brandon and back so they can drink to forget what happened today. Liz told Tom to please stop by because we need a reason to drink on a Sunday afternoon. Now new hostess will have to wear clothes and she is like Naughty Natalie and does not like wearing clothes. It did not take long for Tom and his wife to arrive at the little apartment to have drinks. Liz served the drinks starting off with a good stiff drink for everyone. Naughty Natalie is not impressed with getting roughed up while wearing clothes and she figures she will have bruises again. But if she was naked then she would not have bruises forsure. We all laughed because that is the way Naughty Natalie thinks. Tom asked how the new hostess ended up with us driving around in the 67 Chevy. Tom and his wife have known her since she was a little girl growing on the Shilo base in the PMQ that Liz is now assigned to live in. Naughty Natalie was first to speak and say we found the new hostess in Alberta homeless and unemployed. Once again we have to laugh because she was not found and she is not unemployed just homeless right now. This is where Liz has to start speaking because what we do as magicians traveling across Canada has to be explained properly. When Liz told how the new hostess became our friend and still works for the flying company who is on days off with us. Tom and his wife could understand now but what are the odds of the new hostess making new friends with Liz who now lives in the PMQ. After a good visit with Tom and his wife have to leave because their ride is heading back to the Shilo base. Liz thanks Tom’s wife for saving her mail from being destroyed by the MP because the greeting cards mean a lot to Liz right now.

Liz and I cook supper for everyone in the little apartment which is a basic meal we do not get to eat when traveling as magicians. The Kraft Dinner and fried Klik luncheon meat tasted so good because it is a Canadian meal. Liz added cheese whiz to the Kraft Dinner to make it even more cheesy for a better taste. After supper we start washing clothes and tidy up the little apartment so we can watch VHS movies tonight to relax. I have a hot bath with the new hostess to soak our ass from all the whippings we have been getting during the magician shows. Liz comes and washes our backs to make sure we are clean. Naughty Natalie and Liz have to shower alone for the next few days because their 28 days is up and are wearing sweat pants around the little apartment. It was a fun Sunday night because we all fell asleep at the start of the first VHS movie.


A&W Drive In

Dad stopped by in the morning to take the tuxes and panties from the fancy outfits to the dry cleaners. He was very surprised to see Naughty Natalie and Liz wear sweat pants but he knew their 28 days was up. The new hostess was naked as dad had morning coffee with us. Dad asked if she was upset about the MPs being rude to us on Shilo bases but she told dad that she grew that way on the Shilo base. Now that surprised dad that the MPs where always at the PMQ because of her dad. The new hostess assured dad she was OK and we were all OK too. Dad will be back tonight to return the dry cleaning and take us out for supper. We basically gave up on our regular jobs because they are no fun any more. We spent the day relaxing in the little apartment with Liz making dad his peanut butter cookies. For some reason with it still being cold outside it felt good to relax. Dad returned the dry cleaning and has mother’s mini van to take us for supper. Since it is Monday dad will treat us to supper then off to his Union meeting. The new hostess will join Naughty Natalie with dad for the Union meeting because she likes learning. We went to the last original A&W drive in cafe’ in Manitoba. Dad pulled in under the canopy to park. We all know what we are having when the waitress walks out mother’s mini van to take our order from dad. The waitress is dress for the Canadian Manitoba winter with ski pants, winter jacket and winter snow boots. She has to use a pencil to write the order down on the pad of paper because ball point pens do not work in the cold weather we are having. We all order the same thing expect the new hostess has to have the A&W trademark hot dog known as the “whistle dog”. Not many cafe’ offer hot dogs on the menu for some reason but A&W always has the “whistle dog”. The waitress is almost frozen standing outside mothers mini van taking our order which was simple because we keep it simple. Dad keeps vehicle running to keep us warm plus he has the driver’s door window open so the waitress can past the big heavy glass mugs which are extra frosted from being outside from the A&W building. That is just the kitchen to prepare the food to the vehicles parked in the drive in. The new hostess is sitting in the rear back seat behind Liz and I because there is not enough room in our seat. We just past her meal back to her and she is happy like always. Naughty Natalie and dad are having fun in the front and we have to keep telling to behave. Liz made the comment the way they are acting mother will think for sure dad has seen Naughty Natalie’s dry nipples which the Aloe Vera plant is for. That is when dad pointed out that mother knows that he has seen Naughty Natalie naked all the time. Now that is so true because mother would read the MP report from the PMQ when it is raid all the time. Now the new hostess asks how mother has anything to do with the MPs on the Shilo base. That is when Liz told her mother works at the Military Police Building and has upper clearance. The new hostess figured it out right away when mother was choking on her food on Saturday meal in the pink house. That is because mother knows all the classified details on the new hostess’s dad and mother was in shock that her only son is now sharing his bed. Dad hopes mother calms down and quits making things worse because there is no drugs and we are having fun. We all agreed and enjoyed the A&W in the drive in and dad tipped the waitress well for freezing to do her job. We can see why these drive in cafe’ did not work well in the cold Manitoba winters.

Dad drops Liz and I off at the little apartment knowing we will be babysitting the sister and Disco Queens. The new hostess is looking forward to having fun with Naughty Natalie while dad is at his Union meeting. Liz and I walk in to the little apartment and Liz lost control. She grabbed me to hug and cried on my shoulder as she hugged me tight. I held her back because that is what she needed. The visit to the PMQ was very upsetting and she had to hold it all in because the new hostess is here. The new hostess seems to be very strong and tough when it comes these dealings. I also pointed out to Liz the new hostess does not get her 28 days which makes women very emotional. Her body is slow in developing and when she gets her 28 days then she will need lots of facial tissues for her emotional times too. Liz hugged me tighter and thanked me for being so supportive. That is when I reminded her that her husband asked me to “take care” of her. She thanked me again and then we got ready to babysit. It did not take long until there was knock at the door and we knew it was the sister and the Disco Queens. They were half frozen again from walking to the little apartment and we do not talk with them on the reason way. Liz has the oven door open on the stove to warm them up plus the hot chocolate being made too. Also Liz got smart bought a kid’s VHS movie in the bargain bin at the VHS rental store. They can watch this VHS movie over and over when they are here on Monday nights getting babysat. With the sister and Disco Queens watching the VHS movie Liz and I relax on the bed because they are not allowed on the bed. For some reason we fell asleep on the bed because the VHS movie that was purchased is so mindless and a terrible production. But the purchased VHS movie amused the sister and Disco Queens till Naughty Natalie called to say they were on the way and have them ready. The more we babysit the sister and Disco Queens the easier it gets and we had them ready when dad arrived. Once everyone was done having showers and Liz put the Aloe Vera plant on my male nipples and on the new hostess’s nipples then it was bedtime and a VHS movie. Nobody watched the VHS movie and we fell asleep. The week went fast and by Thursday night the ladies did not have to wear the sweat pants around the little apartment. Plus it was it time hair dye and bikini wax with dad getting a hair cut too.

We needed something little for a quick supper on Thursday night so enjoyed Checkers Sub Sandwiches again. The new hostess has been to this cafe lots with her parents when she was growing up and enjoyed the food like we did. At 7pm we are at the beauty shop and the lady of the shop is happy to see us. The owner kept her posted on us traveling Canada during the cold spell which the lady of the shop want to hear more. She liked listening to being in warm Vancouver because it was cold in Brandon most of the winter. The owner told the lady of the shop about the new hostess and she figured we are fast and organized so the extra person would not make her have to work late. We quickly shower and Liz is first getting her hair dyed because she is a natural blonde which means more work to hide roots. The new hostess and I showered and for some reason there are no robes to be worn so I just put the bath towel around my waist. The new hostess is naked and we are just walking past dad in the salon chair when the lady of the shop said “stop” as she was finishing Liz’s hair. The lady of the shop expressed her concerns about naked under age children in her shop with the rules and regulations of the government. Then the lady of the shop was pointing out that dad was not really looking at the new hostess as being naked and under age. That is when Liz who still had her head in the sink getting the hair dye put in told the lady of the shop that the hostess is of legal age. Now the lady of the shop was shocked because when standing beside me looking 14 years old, the new hostess looks 14 years old. Plus we have the same skinny bodies with really no sexual feature. The lady of the shop did not say anything and Liz pointed out that the new hostess is the star of the magic shows we are putting on across Canada. Then dad said he has seen the new hostess naked all week so nothing surprises him at his age. The lady of the shop knows the owner of the sex shop and knows the high class show that her business puts on. This has her totally confused but finishes Liz hair dye so I can escort Liz to the shower to wash her clean. Liz has waited all day for this because she knows she will teased well and she will tease me back. When Liz is done in the shower we go back to so Liz can escort the new hostess to the shower to get cleaned off. The new hostess was a little surprised at getting the hair between her legs dyed plus the hair dye is so cold too. Liz was back in time for me to be escorted to the shower and she enjoyed every minute and every step I took to the shower with the towel covering my eyes to keep the dye from getting in my eyes. Now Naughty Natalie will have fun out front while we are in the back doing the bikini waxes. For some reason Liz has me go first for the bikini wax so she can show the new hostess what and how a bikini wax is done. I thought Liz would start with my under arms to show the new hostess how to apply and remove the wax. But for some reason Liz started with my Male Manhood. It did not take me long to figure out why Liz is doing because she is just teasing herself for after we are done at the beauty shop. Liz has already told dad that he is taking Naughty Natalie and the new hostess for ice cream while she enjoys ice cream in the little apartment with me. Dad was all smiles when Liz told him because dad likes ice cream at the Dairy Queen because it is a forbidden food for him because mother says so. Liz has to show the new hostess how to apply the wax on my Male Manhood and how to hold my Male Manhood to rip the wax off in a fit of rage. Between the two ladies doing my bikini wax they held my Male manhood in over 201 different ways like Liz told me she was going to do as she teased me before going on stage to do the magic show.

Now it was Liz’s turn for the bikini wax and the new hostess had to Liz’s under arms while I struggled to get it right on the bikini wax between her legs. Where babies pop out I had do that several times with very poor results until the new hostess had to help me because we were running out of time. When we finished Liz was all smiles for some reason and told us some day we will get it right but in the mean time we will keep trying. The new hostess figured out what Liz said right away. I just smiled because she will never want me to learn how to do it correctly the first time. The new hostess was next but she has no body hair because she is not be developed but Liz said the owner paid for a the bikini wax and the new hostess is getting one. It did not take long in doing the bikini wax. The new hostess could not get over how much it hurt between her legs and where babies pop out. We told her the first time is the hardest and it is easier from now on. When we are dressed and back out front only to find Naughty Natalie and dad still working on their tans on the tanning beds. I have to go and start mother’s mini van so it is warming up when everyone comes out of the beauty shop. The lady of the shop thanked us and we thanked her. Dad drops Liz and I off at the little apartment so Liz can enjoy some ice cream while dad takes everyone to Dairy Queen for ice cream. Liz and I have a shower and I put the new batteries in her bedroom toy. She has waited almost a month to test out the new batteries because we were traveling. My whispering in Liz’s ear gave her the best orgasms she needed. Then when she put the face clothe from the bathroom in her mouth that was when she wanted me to Lick Some Ice Cream. Liz enjoyed herself and we had just finished when Naughty Natalie and the new hostess returned to the little apartment. Naughty Natalie was happy for Liz as her life less body was hugging me under the bed sheets. The new hostess was very confused on what happened to Liz because she had no energy what so ever. Naughty Natalie said she would explain later.

Everyone had a good sleep and then we packed up to travel Canada again as the magician show of ten people. Dad drove us to the Brandon airport so he could say good bye to Naughty Natalie because we do not know when we will be home again. The small private jet arrives and it pulls up beside the 67 Chevy to load us and the luggage. Everyone on board is happy with a week off and refreshed. It was cold and windy so we say good bye and climb aboard the small private jet. As we drive past the small company that I used to fly in for a living. The rear wheel is still broken off and not fixed which is normal for the company. The pilots have us airborne very quickly as we fly to Vancouver to enjoy the warm weather and fun times as magicians.

Continued next in the book soon to be written November 2020