After Glow Performance



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continued from Standing Rib Roast

Fancy Motel Cafe’

Now that Naughty Natalie is all happy she goes to see if dad is OK because it has been a whole 9 hours since she has seen or talked to him. Liz hugged me tight and said thank you for helping her in a time of need because she was so confused and frustrated. Plus she said that a Buff Boy or several Buff Boys would not have been able to help her in this time of need. I had to help Liz off the bed because her legs are very weak from her enjoying herself as a woman. After Liz was in the shower for a few minutes I went and opened door between the two motel rooms. I looked in to see mother sitting by the open sliding door to the balcony reading a book, smoking lots of cigarettes and enjoying a cup of coffee. Dad was sitting up in bed wearing his rocket ship pajamas but his lower body was still under the sheets of the bed. Naughty Natalie was sitting close by him wearing Liz’s black silk robe showing just enough to piss mother off. Both of them were watching the morning news and weather. I motioned to Naughty Natalie that it was shower time then I got in the shower with Liz. Naughty Natalie joined us and once we were clean we left Liz to enjoy the shower. Liz has to enjoy the shower more to make her body come down for what she experienced last night.

Naughty Natalie, dad and mother are now ready to go down to the fancy motel cafe’ for breakfast. I told them to go ahead and I will come with Liz when she gets out of the shower. When Liz did get out of the shower she felt so good and was ready in no time to go to the fancy motel cafe’. When we arrived at the fancy motel cafe’ Naughty Natalie is sitting beside dad in the family booth and mother is sitting on the other side with a non happy look on her face. Mother slides out of the booth and says for us to slide in first because she needs to go for a few cigarettes during breakfast plus she is left handed. Being left handed she likes sitting on the outside of the family booth so her left and arm are free to move when eating. As mother stands up to get out of the family booth she see Liz and I are holding hands. Then when mother is standing straight up she looks at Liz in the face only to see the “after glow” that women only get when enjoying the best sex ever. Liz just smiles at mother because she knows mother has not had the look of “after glow” on her face in a few decades. With that mother says she is going to go have a cigarette and dad is to order her the usual breakfast. As we watch mother walk away to have a cigarette, we look over at Naughty Natalie and dad who have big smiles on their faces. Dad sees the “after glow” look on Liz’s face and gives me the true Canadian dad’s thumbs up as if I scored my first goal in pee wee hockey in the small home town rink. But dad knows I never scored any goals in my 4 year hockey career because I was always sitting on the player’s bench. Dad knows exactly what the noises were from our motel room last night because there was not any sounds of the bed being slammed against the wall or bouncing sound of the bed during sex. Dad has figured it out that Liz did it all by herself and she is officially a women that enjoyed the best sexual experience with or without a man. Of course Naughty Natalie tells dad when she gets older she with have the look of “after glow” on her face but she says in such a cute innocent way that makes us laugh.

The waitress comes and dad makes sure mother’s coffee cup is refilled if she returns and it is not there will be “hell” to pay. We order breakfast and chat about what is happening today. Our breakfasts arrive at our table the same time mother returns from having a few cigarettes. Liz and I move to the inside of the family booth and mother sits on the outside of the family booth. Mother complains that her re-filled coffee is cold and is looking for the waitress to correct this major problem right now. We all look at dad because no matter what he did or does it is wrong in mother’s eyes. But Naughty Natalie cheers dad up by removing the forbidden whip cream off his pancakes in a very sexy way with her finger one lick at a time which she made sure mother got to see. Liz and I joined in too because dad can not have the forbidden whip cream. Liz made sure to use her left hand so mother could she her big shiny wedding ring on her finger. This whole trip Liz has made sure her big shiny wedding ring has been well presented to mother in anything she does. Liz knows mother has caused a lot of problems for the 3 of us and now including dad because she thinks we are into drugs. As we eat the days plans are discussed. Naughty Natalie and dad will take a taxi and visit the Calgary hot rod friends of dad. Mother will take a taxi and visit her uncle and this is the part where Naughty Natalie and I are very quiet and say nothing about the uncle. Everyone asks what Liz and I will be doing. Liz shows her big shiny wedding ring off and looks mother in the face and says she will be having more sex with me. That is when mother got mad but did not go in to a great speech likes she always does but said she was going for a cigarette in the motel room. Liz with her “after glow” could not be offend by anything today because she was so happy. The world could end and Liz would be so happy.

Now that breakfast was over we head back to the motel room and get ready to enjoy Calgary. Liz and I share a taxi with mother and get dropped off at an indoor museum while mother continues to ride the taxi to her uncles place on the west side of Calgary. Mother will spend the day and enjoy a supper with family then take taxi back to the fancy motel. Dad will do the same with supper with hot rod friends and Naughty Natalie will ride a taxi back for 5pm dressing time. Liz and I enjoyed the museum and I telling her about Naughty Natalie and I getting ask to leave that other museum last summer when we came in the 37 Dodge just driving to have fun. After the museum we jumped in a taxi and asked the driver for the best “sub sandwiches” in Calgary. The taxi driver knew what we were talking about and dropped us off at the small family run cafe’. It was right a cross from a shopping mall which we could walk around when done eating. The taxi driver was a nice fellow and we would like to have him gives us a tour of Calgary like the Vancouver taxi driver did. Liz and I both agrees that was money well spent with that taxi driver. As we eat the best “sub sandwiches” we have tasted Liz points out a few things. Last summer Naughty Natalie and I were traveling with no plans in the 37 Dodge and being treated like kids with no credit card and limited money. Now we are back in Calgary arriving in the private jet and staying at a fancy motel in Calgary. Plus we are preforming as magicians in front of people that have a lot of money and will donate big money if they like the show we preform. When written out on paper it is hard to believe how our lives have changed for the better is such a short time. We just smiled because nobody will believe what we are doing.

After enjoying the best “sub sandwich” we walked across the street to a shopping mall that is not marketed as the biggest or the best. This shopping mall was prefect with a good selection of stores and with easy walking distances. We looked at the map of the shopping mall to see what there were for stores. Liz seen the Victoria Secret store which is a level above Walmart for ladies lingerie. Liz wants to get a few items because after the night of “hell” in Edmonton she has gotten rid of anything with bad memories. This is OK with me because then I get back my sweat pants and tee shirt that she has been wearing since that night. All day Liz has been holding my hand as we do everything. I am like Naughty Natalie and do not like being touched but this is for Liz because it is support for her. When we arrive outside the Victoria Secret store in the mall she lets go of my hand because she has now becomes my older sister and I am now the 14 year old “Virgin” little brother. I just follow her in to the store full of lingerie and stop at the huge selection of bras. Liz goes to find what she is looking for because as a man this is when a woman must be left alone. I take one of the bras off the display and look at the back of the bra to see how the clasp works. That is one of the sales ladies comes over wearing lingerie as part of her sales uniform. The sales ladies thinks I am 14 years old “Virgin” for sure by the way I was looking and playing with the bra clasp. The sales lady tells me the way I was holding the bra she doubts I will be standing behind the young lady as I take it off. She then takes another bra from the display and hold it in front of herself to show me this is what you will be doing to remove a bra for the first time. The sales lady has her arms stretch out and showing me how to undo the clasp. She motion me to hold the bra in my hands the same way which I do. It took me a few tries to get the clasp undone like she was doing. Then sales ladies point out these are bra for older women designed for comfort and support. She makes me follow her to the young ladies selection of bras. The sales lady show me all the different design of clasps so I know what to expect when the day comes for me to be with a young lady. The sales lady was very helpful and pointed out my older sister was looking for me. I said thank you and went over to Liz who had several items in her hands. Liz handed me the money and asked me to go pay for these and she would be right back. As a man when paying for the items I never looked or paid attention to what she was buying. If I did and I was asked later I would not remember correctly then I would give the wrong answer even if it was close to being correct. It is best to look away when buying ladies things then you will not know if your answer is correct or not. Liz never came back to add more items so I thanked the sales ladies and carried the Victoria Secret shopping bag out of the store all proud as if I bought my first case of beer.

Just outside the door of the store, Liz caught up to me and said thank you and held my hand as we walked. The shopping mall was an excellent place and will come back to do more shopping later on with other trips to Calgary. We get a taxi back to the fancy motel and we have an hour before it is time to get ready. Liz unpacks what she bought and shows me because this is the way it is done. She knows I was not looking or paying attention when I paid for these items for her. It is better when the woman shows you what she bought and as a man I will remember and not forget. She also bought a new black silk robe which says it will remind her of me. As a man I just agreed because I have no idea what she means and this will be explained later. The other items she bought will remind her of me and I just agreed. Now Liz wants to enjoy herself because she still has throbbing and tingling feelings between her legs. I told her she will have to be quick because we only have an hour and her recovery time last night was 30 minutes. When Liz went to have a shower to get started I put the extra blankets stored in the motel room on the floor beside the bed for when she flips off the bed like last night. Everything went prefect with Liz enjoying herself. I was watching the weather network on the TV when Naughty Natalie arrived back from spending time with dad and his hot rod friends. She asked where Liz was because the bathroom door was open meaning she was not in the bathroom. I just pointed for Naughty Natalie to look over the edge of the bed and there was Liz laying on the extra blankets between the bed and the wall. Liz looked so comfortable and I was still fully dressed in my street clothes. Naughty Natalie laid beside me and hugged me tight and said she can wait till these “flip off the bed” happens to her. I told when she gets older she will go through the same sexual frustration Liz went through. Now it was time to get ready and we got Liz off the floor and in the shower to get her come down from another great full body orgasm.


After Glow Performance

Once ready we headed down stairs to the dressing room where everyone is getting dressed for tonight’s double show. When the owner seen Liz she was so happy because Liz had the “after glow” look which means she will draw the attention of the audience even more. Even Philip is so happy too but Philip is like Naughty Natalie and always happy. The owner wants the show to be based on me being 14 years old “Virgin” like we did when we first started because Liz has the “after glow” which will be be prefect. I like this idea because I get to wear beard and mustache that comes off easily plus I do not get whipped as much. We all dress quickly and I escort all the ladies to the limousine for the quick ride to where we are preforming the double show tonight. The owner learned early on in this business never to stay where we preform because if an audience member has to much to drink and falls in love with one of the ladies on stage then the ladies are easy to be found. The owner also points out, business is business and when away from where we preform it is our private lives. Liz gets me a good stiff drink of vodka because I will need it because I have to stay out on stage for most of her performance because she has the “after glow” look. Liz and I stand there ready to go out on stage and we do our little talk to relax ourselves. She thanked me for everything and wished she did not have the mid afternoon full body orgasm because she says her whole body is just tingling and wanting more. I told her I was asked to “take care” of her and that is what I am doing even if I am whispering sweet nothings in her ear as she enjoys herself. With that she hugged me tight. Now we go on stage and the owner told us this is a good crowd because she can feel it. I ended up staying on stage all through Liz’s performance and the audience was clapping as soon as she started to preform with me. I escorted Liz off stage and escorted the next lady on stage and returned back stage. Naughty Natalie was so happy for both of us because she always get all the clapping and attention from the audience. The owner could see that the 3 of us were happy and excited for each other. The show was excellent with it ending as me a 14 year old “Virgin” being teased by these Dominatrix ladies. It was keep in high standard with Naughty Natalie keeping panties on when preforming with us but she did show everything when she did her performance by herself.

We relaxed and enjoyed ourselves while they changed out the audience for the next show. It was another great crowd and Liz was so happy with herself because the 2 performances back to back the audience clapped for her. It was quick ride back to the fancy motel and once changed we were up in our basic motel room. The owner and Philip will be joining us for pizza and drinks. We open our door of the dividing door to dad and mother’s room and we know they are back because dad slid a note under the dividing door saying they are back. We have quick showers and get the outfits laid out and my silk underwear washed and hanging to dry. The tux was dropped off for the fancy motel to have it cleaned and ready so it is ready when it is needed. We never take chances because we are always ready. Naughty Natalie is wearing Liz’s black silk robe and Liz is wearing the new black silk robe from Victoria Secret that I paid for. I am wearing my sweat pants and tee shirt that Liz has been wearing so they smell of her. The front desk calls and Naughty Natalie puts on the fancy motel bath robes they supply in the rooms to get the pizza at the front desk. She has no problems with the way she is dressed or how she is seen in public even if her hair is mess or her clothes are showing too much because she was born this way. As soon as Naughty Natalie left the owner and Philip arrive and Liz is pouring the drinks. It did not take long for Naughty Natalie to return with the pizzas and the motel bathrobe is showing off lots of her beautiful body and she does not care. As we eat and drink we chat about the fun we had tonight. Now we hear sounds of sex coming from dad and mother’s room. We are all quiet and it is the sounds of sex coming from their room. Now my face turns red because dad and mother are having sex and this is a sound no child wants to hear. Even Naughty Natalie and Liz are getting embarrassed and they are turning red in the face. Poor Philip he was getting uncomfortable listening to these sounds. The owner was the only one laughing because she thought it was funny dad and mother having sex. As we are looking around trying not to listen, the door to dad and mother side of the dividing door opens slowly and dad is stand there trying not to laugh but there still is sounds of sex coming from their room. Then mother pokes her head around the door and says we can play the game of sex sounds too. Now we all laugh and dad and mother join us for pizza and drinks.

The owner asked about this playing the game of sex sounds. Dad explained the kids were making the sounds of sex last night. But they were actually sitting on the bed with their clothes on making the sex sounds. Dad and mother thought the kids had outsiders in the room having sex. Then the owner caught on that the 3 of us siblings were just having fun to keep dad and mother on their toes. Then dad and mother did the sounds of sex back so the kids could hear because nobody wants to hear or see their own parents having sex. With that we have a drink and more pizza to continue a fun evening. The owner is very pleased on 2 shows back to back in one night and everything went very well. So we drink to that because we always have to have an excuse to drink. The owner invites all of us to the upper floor for swim at 10am and mother too. We all smiled when mother said she would be there and she packed her swim suit too. We all called it a night and the owner and Philip head to the upper floor to get some sleep and relax. When dad and mother left to go to their motel room dad had to be leave the door open between the 2 rooms so Naughty Natalie could say good night to dad. When she came back from saying good night she told us mother was in one bed and dad was in his bed. Naughty Natalie says that is what happens when you been married as long as dad and mother have been. Then through the night Liz had to enjoy 2 full body orgasm which she woke me up so I could whisper in her ear. Liz was getting control of her body so she was able to make herself enjoy a little quicker and more intense. The second full body orgasm, the pillow covering her face fell off and her moans of pleasure were heard by everyone. But she did not care because she was now a complete woman. When she had come down from the second full body orgasm she climbed back in to the bed to hug me and Naughty Natalie. We were so happy for Liz but we are not getting much sleep in the last 2 nights helping her. But that is OK because she needs us in a time of need.

Liz and I wake up and Naughty Natalie over visiting dad because it was a whole 8 hours since she last seen or talked with dad. We did the same thing as the morning before with showering then going down to the fancy motel cafe’. Liz and I are last to go down to the fancy motel cafe’ and as we close the motel room door to lock it. The fellow in the next room was closing his motel room door at the same time. The fellow comes over to Liz and I and shakes my hand and calls me Joey. Plus he shakes Liz’s hand and he thanked us for waking him up in the night of the night to sound of sex. Now Liz and I are both red in and face as we walk with the fellow to the elevator to go down to the fancy motel cafe’. The fellow had a great sense of humour and had us laughing along with him. We parted ways with the fellow at the front desk and walked to the fancy motel cafe’ to join Naughty Natalie, dad and mother. It was the same thing as the morning before as mother slides out of the family booth to let us sit down. Liz and I are holding hands and mother is mad plus Liz has “after glow” two morning in a row. Before mother opened her mouth for a great speech, Liz was in such a happy mood she looked mother right in the eyes and told her “your son is a true gentleman by making my panties wet not my eyes”. Before mother’s head could exploded she turned and walked away to go smoke a cigarette or several cigarettes. Naughty Natalie and dad were all smiles as Liz and I sat on our side of the family booth. Naughty Natalie says in her cute voice “that her panties are never wet”. Dad replies back very quickly “because Naughty Natalie is always naked” we all smile and laugh because it is so true with her. I was not going to say anything but Liz told Naughty Natalie and dad about the fellow in the next motel room riding the elevator with us. Liz was proud that fellow heard her enjoying herself. Both Naughty Natalie and dad give me the thumbs up for doing a great job. Another proud Canadian Dad moment for his son but with no hockey involved.

We order the same breakfast as the day before and as we wait for the food to arrive and mother to come back the owner joins us and sits beside Naughty Natalie. She was hoping to find us here in the fancy motel cafe’ before we joined her for swimming. The owner says there is a cancellation in Edmonton tonight and if we want preform the show. It will be up to the pilot and hostess because the private jet might be booked when we return this afternoon in Winnipeg. We all looked at each other and this is more fun and “yes” was the answer. Dad figures he can have hot rod friends come to the airport and visit while we preform. The owner says excellent and we chat more when we join her for the swim. Dad was the first point out that the owner runs her business around the people and asks them. Dad is a big Union man and can see how differently the owner runs her business. Then we all chat how different the owner’s business is having to be personal with the customers and the audience too. The Union is to deal with money hungry big corporation that do not care about the workers or people. That conversation really impressed dad because we are young adults and should be thinking about sex not how businesses are run. The food and mother arrive at the same time and dad’s whip dream disappear off his pancakes one finger lick at a time. Mother was not impressed. Liz with her “after glow” was being so nice to mother and offering anything and everything on the table for her meal but only using her left hand to show off the big shiny wedding ring to mother. With breakfast over and no famous speeches by mother we head up to our motel room to get ready to go to the upper level pool. Naughty Natalie and dad do a test run to learn the elevators and which to go while still wearing street clothes to the upper floor. When they returned to the motel room dad said he was glad we are not staying on the upper floor. We all agreed because it is not our life style.

Now we are all ready to go to the upper floor in our swim suits. The ladies wear their bikinis then dad with his “man boobies”, beer belly and loose fitting swim suit to his knees. Mother is wearing in full one piece bathing suit from her knees to her neck like in the Charlie Chapman comedy films from the 1920s. Of course I am wearing my Speedo which is a little tighter then normal because I have not worn it in a month and I gained weight of maybe 2 pounds. We are an impressive sight when we are in the lobby to change elevator to go to the upper level. We all laugh in the elevator as we ride it to the upper level because the people in the lobby might think we are a comedy show. When the elevator opens on the upper floor it was a short walk to the pool and the owner and Philip are there. The owner is in the whirlpool hot tub and I join her while everyone else joins Philip in the pool. The owner is calm and very positive a little extra show in Edmonton will be a success. The private je has no problems for the extra side trip because more money for the hostess and pilot. This is excellent for everyone and the owner agreed with me. We sat and watching everyone have fun in the pool even mother was having fun which is very rare. When everyone decided to have a break from the pool they joined the owner and me in the whirlpool hot tub. Liz was on one side of me and Philip on my other side. Dad had mother on his one side and Naughty Natalie on his other side. Then the owner gave everyone the details on the quick trip to Edmonton. The owner said that the private jet will stop in Brandon to drop off dad and mother and Naughty Natalie wants to be dropped off too. They will take a taxi from the Brandon airport to the little apartment then dad and mother will drive the 67 Chevy home to the pink house in Alexander. Naughty Natalie says she has to go with dad because she knows where the keys are for the 67 Chevy. Liz and I just smiled because when Liz ended up in the hospital nobody could find the keys for the 67 Chevy on top of the fridge for some reason. I told the owner to have the pilot file his flight plan to unload the passengers and luggage at the hangar that is owned by the company I work for. I will phone to have a taxi waiting for Naughty Natalie, dad and mother when the private jet arrives. The owner was impressed because now we are in my world where I work and fly out of as part of my job. The taxi will wait for an hour because the taxi knows that planes get delayed and have picked me up numerous times. The stop in Brandon has to be done very quickly because time is money. Dad also say he will phone the sister to get the 67 Chevy plugged in so the electric block heater will warm up the motor for the truck to start. This is an easy plan and will work out. Liz and I will travel with everyone else to Winnipeg and bring mother’ mini van home in less then 3 hours. The owner is so pleased how we work together to make things go smoothly and not create drama.

After everyone had enough swimming at the pool we had a 3pm dressing time, 5:30pm take off time then a 7pm show then a 10pm take off time from Edmonton to Brandon. The taxi is booked for 11pm pick up of Naughty Natalie, dad and mother at the hangar in Brandon. Then the limousine is booked for 11:30pm in Winnipeg for the owner, Philip and other ladies. The limousine is scheduled for waiting because there might be a slight delay. Liz and I will be able to walk through the private jet company hanger and get mother’s mini van. Since it is cold the ground crew at the flying company hangar will plug in the electric plug heaters for the pilots vehicle and mother’s mini van. This is a normal Canadian thing to do by having the electric block heaters blocked in to help the cold motors start. If not there could be long delays with vehicles not starting. We are back in the motel room and relax because we know it will be a long night but it will be worth it. Dad has the address for the hangar that the private jet will be using to wait while we do our magician show in Edmonton. Dad phones his hot rod friends in Edmonton to give them the address and time to meet him there to talk about hot rods. The ladies get everything ready and doubled check with the fancy outfits and my tux is ready too. Being prepared and sending the tux to be cleaned paid off because we are ready. The 3 of us are on the bed watching TV and Naughty Natalie is not with dad because he fell asleep watching the weather network. Mother was giving Naughty Natalie the evil eye so she joining Liz and I on our bed. It took Naughty Natalie long enough to ask why I bought Liz a new black silk robe and not one for her. I knew this was going to be brought up and when I was going to explain then Liz spoke up. Liz explains to Naughty Natalie that I only paid for the items at the Victoria Secret with Liz’ money because she needed these replacement items. If I had bought these items with my money as a gift to her then it is wrong because Liz is a married woman. But me paying for them with Liz’s money and then carrying them out of the store is OK. Liz feels comfort in the items that I helped her out with. Liz did a better job of explaining then I would have but I was also confused too. Naughty Natalie says it makes sense and then asks about the bikini wax I preformed on Liz since is Liz is married. Liz was quick to reply back to Naughty Natalie that is strictly business which it is. Now we all laughed over that one. Liz starts off in the shower because she has needs then Naughty Natalie and I join here. It was a quick shower then we get ready to go down stairs to dress for tonight’s performance. We have to pack up all our luggage in the motel room because once dressed we are leaving to Edmonton. Dad and mother will stay in their room till it is limousine time and have sex as dad says and we smile at him and hope him the best.


Flashing Dash Light

Dressing up did not take long and I get the full beard and mustache make up because this is a younger drinking crowd in Edmonton we doing the performance. But I can not take the make off until I get home because it has to soak with make up remover and takes a while to get off. We are all ready and everyone is excited because this will be a good quick trip and good money too. I escort all the ladies to the limousine and dad and mother are already in the vehicle ready to go. It did take long to get to the airport with Sunday traffic in Calgary. We are all wondering how much snow is in Edmonton because when we left the was lots. The flight to Edmonton was quick in the private jet and when we landed we seen the huge piles of snow everywhere. It sure did look different then when we left a month ago. When the private jet stopped at the hangar they are using to wait for us to preform the limousine is there waiting for us which is excellent. Dad chats with the pilot and he is a hot rodder too and knows dad’s hot rod friends that are coming to visit. The pilot tells dad he visited with these same fellows when storm stayed a month ago. When we leave in the limousine to travel to down town Edmonton. Everyone staying with the private jet were happy because the waiting time will go by fast when visiting hot rod friends. We arrived at the building we are to preform at and everything looks good and the owner is happy. She was worried with taking on a canceled job and has never dealt with this customer before plus she did not know if her request will be met. But everything looked good with the food, booze and building security.

It is now show time and Liz has given me my stiff vodka drink to relax myself before going on stage. Liz says her body is still tingling and wanting more and more now that she can have full body orgasms. I tease her because when I am preforming I am a 14 year old “Virgin” so I have no idea what a woman needs. Then Liz pointed I learned at Victoria Secret how to undo a bra. Yes I did and that will speed things up. We are smiling and laughing because we have a little laugh to relax before going on stage. The audience was great and they are clapping as soon as we walk on the stage. I stay on stage as long as Liz needs me then I come off stage. Naughty Natalie noticed the audience was quick on the clapping for us and she hopes they are just as happy when she does her show. But in the hour of show before Naughty Natalie goes on the audience can drink a lot of booze and become a little rude like in Vancouver. The show is going good with the audience was really clapping and enjoying in the show. Naughty Natalie does her show and does it with class and style that she is happy because her panties fell off. A few and the audience members had to be control by building security but that is what security are there for. The owner told us on closing the show to be careful with the audience on our right hand side because they seem to be over served in booze which they were. Just when we are finishing the show a drunk “male pig” ran up on stage in love with Naughty Natalie. The “male pig” spilled his drink on my lap and the ice in the drink gave me male shrinkage right now. The building security was very quick in removing the drunk “male pig” but Naughty Natalie and Liz showed the audience what the whips and boots were for. We all smiled and did our bows and curtsey for the audience that paid good money to see us. Now off stage we have to get packed and in to the limousine because the private jet is waiting. My silk underwear were soaked with booze so Liz helped me quickly remove them and get my tux pants on. Everything went so smooth in getting me dressed. As we are getting in the limousine the owner is concerned about us and we says everything is all right which it was.

I escort the ladies from the limousine to the private jet and everyone is happy I wave to dad and mother in seated in the aircraft as I join the pilot by sitting in the co-pilots seat. The hostess does up my seat belt and likes my full beard and mustache because it makes me look older. The pilot tells me it was a good visit with dad’s hot rod friends and even the hostess and my mother enjoying visiting at the hangar while they waited for us to return. It is a small world when people know each other through hot rodders friends. I agreed with the pilot then it was time to fly home. The flight to Brandon was quick and easy. It felt so different landing in a fast private jet compared to the slow small company plane I fly in for the company I work for. I guide the pilot over to the company hangar where Naughty Natalie, dad and mother will get off the private jet. The taxi is waiting outside the gate and the pilot asked how the passengers will get though the locked gate in the fence. I told pilot I gave dad my keys to unlock the gate and go through to the taxi. The pilot was a little shocked because keys for gates at the airport are not handed out to everyone. As we drive up to the hangar the small company plane is outside and missing a back wheel which makes the plane not sit level like it should. Plus there is no snow covering the small plane so the pilot is quick point out the missing wheel just happened. I told the pilot that before we went to Calgary. I was in the small plane returning to Brandon airport after a quick flight to Saskatchewan to fix a piece of fertilizer equipment. When we landed back here in Brandon the pilot screwed up the landing as usual. Causing the small plane slide in to the snow bank at the end of the runway. The snow bank caused the back wheel of the small plane to fall off which is normal. Now the pilot was really looking at me more in shock because I was telling him what happened as if was just a normal day of flying for me which it was. The pilot stops the private jet by the hangar and we help Naughty Natalie, dad and mother off the aircraft and get all our luggage out of the cargo compartments of the private jet. They will take Liz and my luggage because it is less work for us in Winnipeg. We say good bye to them and Liz and I will be home in 3 hours. As the private jet drives out to the runaway to take off I watch lights from the taxi drive away. They will be at the little apartment in 25 minutes because the is how long it always takes me. The pilot has clearance to take off and we head down the Brandon airport runway. As we pass the area where the small company plane hit the snow bank and the rear wheel fell off. I point it out to the pilot and he smiles and shakes his head.

It did not take long to fly to Winnipeg and the pilot got clearance right away to land which he always seems to do with no waiting or extra flying around time. When the pilot lowers the landing gear for the private jet can land there is a light on the dash flashing. A flashing light on the dash when the aircraft is coming in to land is not good and pilot stays calm because he has to. I lean over and read what is printed on the flashing light. The flashing light means the front wheel is not locked for landing after being lowered from inside the aircraft. The odds of it not being not locked are slim because it will be the $2.00 little switch that shows the front wheel is lock. The $2.00 switchmost likely has snow built up from all the little fluffy snow on the runways we have traveled on. If this was the small company plane a small piece of duct tape would be placed over the flashing light so it does not distract us in the cockpit. Then the small plane would come in for a landing and the pilot would land with the back wheels first, Then slowly set the front wheel down in hopes the front wheel is locked. If not the nose of the small plane would go down and then full power to take off. Then come back and land with a wheels up landing with the engine shut off. But this is very expensive private jet with passengers so there are rules to be followed. The pilot talks to the control tower and the landing is called off making us fly past. Other planes will continue to land to the keep the airport running smoothly. When a chase vehicle is ready, the private jet will fly low and slow down the runway. The chase vehicle can visially confirm the front wheel is 90 degrees to the body of the aircraft meaning it is in the landing position. If it is stuck half way then the private jet will do a full wheels up landing which damages the aircraft big time.

The hostess and the pilot are very calm because snow packed in around the $2.00 switch is common problem because these private jets are made to fly in warmer climates. The hostess is also serving more booze beverages in the back of the plane to the ladies and Philip to relax everyone. The last thing anyone needs is drama. The pilot gets clearance to fly low and slow so the chase vehicle can get a visual on the front wheel of the aircraft. This is not easy to do because the chase vehicle has to do 100mph to be the slow speed of the private jet. The chase vehicle and pilot have to time it just right and it worked out very well because everyone has done this before. Also this is happening at 11:30pm which it was dark and cold. Once the chase vehicle says the front wheel looks good and might be locked in then the private jet has to fly around in a circles around the airport so all other planes can land first. This only took an hour to do plus the emergency crews are getting ready in case the front wheel is not lock in to place and the private jet crashes. Some people might view this as a big deal by not me. The hostess is serving all the booze and everyone is happy in the back of the aircraft. If the private jet crashes there will be no booze spilled because they have drank it all. The pilot made a comment to the hostess about having me on the private jet because I am a lucky charm as they say. The hostess asked why and the pilot told her I have been in 3 plane crashes and walked away from each one of them. That made the hostess very happy and gave me a hug for good luck and kiss too. The pilot ask for his kiss and the hostess told him when we are on the ground parked at the hangar safely. We all smiled with what the hostess said. I reached in to my tux pocket and pulled out my silk underwear to wipe the sweat from my forehead. That made the hostess and the pilot laugh. Then I told them it will be a safe landing because I do not have clean underwear on like mother always told us when growing up. A few minutes of comedy relaxes everyone. I seem to be getting lots of ladies kissing me when I wear the beard and mustache make up. Now I can not wait to be old enough to grow a beard and mustache.

The pilot got the OK to come and land with all emergency crews ready with others on stand by. The private jet did an excellent and at the last minute the pilot put the front wheel on the runways. Those few seconds were tense because we did not know it the nose of the aircraft would just drop causing the aircraft to skid off the runway. The nose stayed up but these means nothing because the front wheel could hold and then collapse because it is not locked. The pilot takes the private jet right the company hangar thinking at any moment the front wheel could collapse. The emergency crews followed and it was a parade of lights. Once at the company hangar the ground crew took over the aircraft. They had support stands under the nose of the private jet in case the front wheel did collapse. It was cold and windy and I escorted the ladies off the private jet. All the ladies went in to the company hangar to use the bathroom because it has been 3 hours since we left Edmonton. Plus the last hour was flying around in a circle drinking all the booze so it would not get spilled in the landing was unsuccessful. Liz was officially drunk with the owner and Philip. But they were still focused on what is going on. When the limousine left with everyone I went in the company hanger to the office-waiting area. The keys for mother’s mini van are locked in the key cabinet and no one has the key to open it. I told the hostess not to worry about it because she was going to call someone to come with the key to open it. Liz and I agreed it is too cold to be traveling this late at night and we will just get a motel room. It was group decision and I used the company telephone to call Naughty Natalie who was in the little apartment alone waiting for us. Dad answered the telephone at the little apartment half asleep. I asked why he is there and he told me the sister only plugged one end the cord in the electric block heater in the 67 Chevy. Not the other end in to the wall outlet to send power to the electric block heater. Plus it being cold they decided to stay the night in the little apartment. I laughed at dad because is he is not sleeping my my bed with Naughty Natalie while mother has the little couch thing we never sit on. Dad said “yes” mother wanted nothing to do with this bed where all the “sins” have taken place. I told dad they locked the keys for mother’s mini van and no one has the key to get the keys. Liz and I will stay in a motel tonight and drive back to Brandon when it is warmer. Dad said no problems and good night.

I told Liz what happened to dad and mother and it being cold they stayed in the little apartment. Liz being drunk just smiled because mother sleeping on the couch thing will not be happy. The hostess uses the telephone to get a motel room for us where the flying company has rooms for their staff and guests. The pilot will give us a ride to the motel with the hostess too. I check to make sure mother’s mini van is plugged so it will start in the morning. We can not have any more delays because of this cold weather. The hostess gave us some booze off the private jet for the motel room which we thanked her. The hostess leaves a note for the office staff to drop off mother’s mini van at the motel we are staying and leave the keys at the front desk. This will let the office staff be able to do it when they have time. It is better then us showing up and they are busy. We always try and make things simple for everyone. Also in the note that the hostess left was to deliver mother’s mini van around noon when it is warmer then the cold we have tonight. The pilot finished up some of the reports for the flashing light on the dash of the private jet and will do the rest in the morning. As they drive us to the motel both of them are telling us how they had a great visiting with dad and mother and knowing the same hot rod friends. It made the waiting time go a lots faster and more interesting. At the motel we get out and say goodbye to them and head in to the lobby of the motel. It is almost 3am and Liz is drunk. Her long black coat is unbuttoned enough for people to see she is wearing nice sexy fancy outfit underneath. I am sober and dressed in a tux wearing a winter touque to keep my head from freezing. My beard and mustache makes me look older and I act like a true gentleman with Liz being drunk. We are checking in under the flying company and we will pay cash right now because I do not want to be worrying about this in the morning. As we check in with no luggage not even a small hand bag which would have my make up remover. Liz decided to kiss me on the lips in front of everyone in the lobby of the motel and some them have been drinking too. I do not fight her off because this is the only time we kiss is when I am in make up because she is kissing the character I am acting out not me. The lady behind the front desk suggests to Liz to wait until she is in the motel room. Liz replied back “she can not wait because he is so handsome tonight”. Now I am turning red under the make up and I take Liz and walk to the motel room. Once in the elevator she is kissing me hot and heavy because it is for the elevator cameras because they are watching at the front desk. Once in the room she kisses me more and then pours the drinks. I get a good stiff drink because I have been sober for most of the day. Our clothes come off and we are in the shower. Liz has to work hard with soap and water to get the make up beard and mustache off because we have not make up remover. It is in our luggage that we unloaded in Brandon with Naughty Natalie, dad and mother.

Once the make up was off Liz does not kiss me anymore and it was back to the normal way we conduct ourselves around each other. But she did offer to wash my Male Manhood since Naughty Natalie was not here and I said thanks but no thank you. I did offer to wash her where babies pop out and she said thanks but not thank you. The shower was just a regular shower and nothing fancy. Now we have no clothes to wear around the motel room so we are like Naughty Natalie naked. I get the clothes we have hanging up to dry so they will be ready to wear for the drive home. I wash my silk underwear in the sink with Liz’s panties so they are clean for the trip home. The drink that Liz poured was making my eyes close because it was a long day. We fell asleep hugging each other in the bed under the covers naked. We slept in because we were tired and why rush back to Brandon in the cold weather. Naughty Natalie will have called to where we work and say we would not be in to work today. At noon we get ready to go because the cleaning ladies will want to clean the room for the next guests to stay in the motel room tonight. I went to the front desk to get the keys for mother’s mini van because the flying company dropped it off for us. I got a laundry bag for Liz’s fancy outfit. She does not need to wear the whole outfit for the drive back to Brandon plus takes to long to get it on too. When I return to the room she has her knee high leather boots on plus the long black coat and ready to go. She puts her fancy outfit in the laundry bag. We leave the motel and thank the front desk when we hand in the key. Liz is impressed because she finally gets to ride in the front seat of mother’s mini van. The outside temperature had warmed up lots since we check in to the motel at 3am and the wind quit blowing hard. That made a big difference on how cold it felt. As we drove back to Brandon mother’s mini van it warmed up inside and the sunshine felt so good too. I think I was still chilled from last night only wearing my tux and dress winter jacket while traveling and unloaded ladies and luggage. Then to have no clothes on in the motel room made it feel chilly too. About half way back to Brandon Liz was saying mother’s mini van has finally warmed up inside and she unbutton the long back coat. I knew she was not wearing a bra because the corset is the bra and it is the laundry bag I got from the motel. I figured she would have her stockings and panties on for sure but she did not. When Liz got comfortable in mother’s mini van by reclining the front passenger seat back she had unbutton all the buttons on the long black coat. She was not wearing anything and used the long black coat to cover and uncover just enough for me to see. Liz was such a tease on the trip back to Brandon.

We arrived at the little apartment and parked mother’s mini van where the 67 Chevy usually parks and made sure we plugged it in so it would start when it was time to switch out vehicles with dad. We have not talked to anyone since late last night. Once in the little apartment, Liz telephoned Naughty Natalie at work to say we are back. Naughty Natalie was so happy and told us dad will drive mother home to the pink house then come back in the 67 Chevy to take us out for supper. Liz and I thought that would be excellent. When Naughty Natalie talks with dad again then she will telephone us to tell us which cafe we are going to. Liz agreed and we changed out of clothes or in other words Liz took off her knee high leather boots because she was naked underneath the long black coat. I got my tux ready to go to the dry cleaners in Brandon so it will be ready for the next time. I also tossed in my silk underwear too because the drink stained the front which makes it look like I had a wet dream. Looking like I am only 14 year old “Virgin” it is possible that could have happened. The Liz figured the panties from both fancy outfits should go to the dry cleaners too. It does make sense to get everything cleaned good so we are ready. In Calgary I had gotten the tux clean for the next day knowing we had no performances planned then when the cancellation was offered it would have been a mad rush to get the tux cleaned. Unnecessary drama for everyone especially the fancy motel dry cleaners that might have had other plans for it being a Sunday. Liz and I have a nap because we are tired from the big adventure and Naughty Natalie will telephone when she hears from dad.


Checkers Sub Sandwiches

The telephone woke us up and it was Naughty Natalie with instructions to meet at Checkers Sub Shop on Victoria Avenue which is just before 26th street. Liz as never been there but we always stopped there growing up with dad and mother because it was fast and cheap. Plus on the way home to the pink house in Alexander. We are to met Naughty Natalie and dad at 5:30 and get the back booth is all we are told to do. Liz and I leave in mother’s mini van and timed it perfectly to arrive and be seated at 5:31pm. I have no idea why we have to get the back booth because it is so huge but Liz figured it out. The sister and Disco Queens will be joining us because dad and mother were gone the whole weekend. With dad being gone the sister’s car is some where in Brandon. Because it would not start because the sister left the head lights on again. Liz was correct because as soon as she was done saying what she said the sister and Disco Queens arrived. They walked right to the back booth and to sit as group on one side. While Liz and I sat on the other side looking at them. The make up is so thick on their faces it is so hard not to reach out with your finger nail and scrape the make up off to see how thick it is. Now they stare at us and we stare at them and nobody talks because the only thing we have in common is the air we breath. Plus all the hair spray they have used to make their hair stand up and out is it making it hard to breath for Liz and I. It seems like forever as we stare at each other before Naughty Natalie and dad finally arrived. Of course Naughty Natalie had to make a funny comment about are we having fun. Nobody replied to her comment but we just looked at Naughty Natalie. Dad says the sisters car won’t start in this cold weather. After supper Naughty Natalie and dad will use the 67 Chevy to tow the sisters car to the collage and put it in the automotive shop. While dad is at his Union meeting Naughty Natalie will charge up the battery and get the car running. I just smiled because as dad’s son I should be mad that I have been replaced by a woman, But I am happy not to have anything to do with the sister’s car. If anything goes wrong with the car after I touch it the sister is after me and blaming me. But Naughty Natalie can work on the car and if it breaks there is no drama because dad likes her. Liz is happy that we are not involved until she pointed out we have mother’s mini van and the sister and Disco Queens are not allowed to drive it. The last time they drove mother’s mini van they almost died in the under parking accident. Which the front fender fell off and under mother’s mini van. That means we have to babysit the sister and the Disco Queens. Yes we are correct in babysitting the sister and Disco Queens. Naughty Natalie suggests renting a VHS movie for them to watch on the new colour TV in the little apartment. Liz and I thank Naughty Natalie for her suggestion because the Disco Queens now want to watch a VHS movie. Liz and I would have dropped the Disco Queens off at the shopping mall and pick them up when the mall closed. That is called good parenting which we think is the best way to deal with Disco Queens.

Now everything has been decided on how a prefect Monday night has been ruined. We go up and order our sub sandwiches and have them made the quick and simple way for the staff. I always get the cold cut combos which Naughty Natalie and Liz do the same. We made sure to order first and the sub sandwiches are all the same. Dad has to order last because he is buying so he just sits in the booth and watches. The sister and Disco Queens are making big drama on having the sub sandwiches made. The person making the sub sandwiches put too much of this and that and this had to be removed and more of this. Then they want exotic honey dill sauce and french mayonnaise on the sub sandwiches. As we watched we thought the person making the sub sandwiches was going to slap one Disco Queens with the sub sandwich because they were so annoying. Dad has had enough and goes up there and tells them enough is enough and just get the sub sandwiches and pick off what they do not want. That is what the 3 of us are doing plus feeding each other like a hungry seal as we lean over to get what the others do not want. Dad was getting upset with the sister and Disco Queens and told them to sit in another booth or better yet sit outside on the picnic table. The Disco Queens never caught on that it is winter and dad said that comment that they are annoying. But dad did enjoy his sub sandwich with us and Naughty Natalie ate anything off dad’s sub sandwich that he did not want. But nothing was offered to Liz and I for some reason. Dad also comment Checker Sub Sandwiches always had a certain smell when you walked in to the building because of all the fresh ingredients used to make the sub sandwiches plus the buns being baked in the back. But tonight dad said when he and Naughty Natalie walked in all you could smell was the hair spray and make up the Disco Queens. Naughty Natalie and dad have to get going. If the sister’s car would not start and needs to be thawed over night in the automotive shop then dad will drive the sister and the Disco Queens in mother’s mini van. They leave us with the sister and Disco Queens who are not even half done eating their sub sandwiches. Plus they are making a mess in the booth they are sitting in. This is when Liz now acts her real age of being 10 years older then us and a mother instinct kicks in. She yells over at the sister and Disco Queens and tells them to hurry up and clean up the mess in the booth. The owner were happy when Liz did that because the profit margin on the sub sandwiches was lost on the amount of time and mistakes in making the sub sandwiches then to have to clean up a mess booth. The Disco Queens cost the family run business money.

It was an hour and half from the time we arrived to feed and clean up with the sister and Disco Queens and there is only 4 of them. The 3 of us and dad and can be in and out in 30 minutes and the booth is clean where we have eaten. The owner of the Checkers Sub Sandwiches brought out the broom and dust pan for the Disco Queens to sweep under the booth and the floor beside it. A 20 month old baby in a high chair does not make a mess like the Disco Queens. Liz had to ride the Disco Queens’s ass to get them to eat and clean up. Plus I was teasing her about spanking my bare ass when we get back to the little apartment and she said she would because the these Disco Queens are getting her upset. When they finally were finished eating and cleaning the booth we thanked the owners and left with the sister and Disco Queens. For some reason the sister thought she was going to ride in the passenger front seat because she called “shotgun” when walking to mother’s mini van. The sister was sitting on the front passenger seat and Liz told her to get in the back with the rest of the luggage which is the code word for Disco Queens when traveling with them. Liz told the sister that we had sex on that front seat on the way back from Winnipeg this afternoon and the seat cushion might be still wet. The sister was off the front passenger seat and in the back with the other luggage right now and not saying a word. If a simple meal took 3 times as long then normal what are the Disco Queens going to be like in the VHS movie rental store. I told Liz that we will have to go in the VHS movie rental store or wait in mother’s mini van having until the Disco Queen come back. Liz liked that idea but the sister and Disco Queens did not for some reason. It was a short drive to the VHS movie rental store. Liz gave the mother speech on hurry up and get the VHS movies which nobody listened too. As we waited in mother’s mini van, Liz said if she did not have the miscarriage, the child would be 10 year old and acted better then these Disco Queens. Yes and I hope the sister and Disco Queens never have sex or reproduce because the world does not need any more people this brain dead. Liz agreed the we had to go inside the VHS movie rental place because nobody has returned to mother’s mini van. Liz and I wished we stayed in mother’s mini van and had sex because being in the rental store and associated to the sister and Disco Queens was embarrassing. How hard it is to pick out one VHS movie and return to the vehicle but is a very difficult task for the sister and Disco Queens. When they seen us coming they tossed a VHS movie on the counter to pay for it. Liz and I supervised the purchased of the rental of the VHS movie plus they had snacks. Once finished we escorted the sister and Disco Queens back to mother’s mini van. With the luggage in the back we drive to the little apartment and park on the street out front. That way the parking spot of the 67 Chevy empty for who ever returns with the truck. Liz told the sister and Disco Queens not to touch anything in the little apartment because the fancy outfits are all laid out drying. Plus they are not allow on the bed either because we had sex on when returned from Winnipeg less then 3 hours ago. Liz makes the microwave popcorn in the microwave for the sister and Disco Queens because it is the latest thing on the market. We still have the hot air popcorn maker or the Jiffy Pop Popcorn which is made on the stove but cooking a tin foil pie plate which an expanding tin foil top. The more you slide the tin foil pie plate back forth on the hot element on the stove less chance of burning the popcorn inside as it pops. Now this new microwave popcorn only requires 2 minutes in the microwave and the paper bag expands as the popcorn pops. The bag inside even coats the popcorn with butter too. It took a few tries for Liz to get the microwave popcorn figured out but she did not blow up the paper bag inside the microwave like the Disco Queens did to mother microwave. The microwave for the little apartment I paid $700.00 for it in Alberta and tossed in the small company plane to bring it home. Alberta had no sales tax because of all the oil money in the province.

With the popcorn popped and the everyone has their drink which is Pepsi because we do not offer the sister or Disco Queens any booze because the last thing we need is them drunk. They are confused enough and they do not need booze to be more confused. Plus we do not know if the Disco Queens are male or female we just call them Thing 1, Thing 2 and Thing 3 from the Dr. Seuss kid’s books that we grew up with. Liz poured normal drinks for us because we are babysitting the sister and Disco Queen and might have to drive later tonight in case Naughty Natalie and dad need help. It is extremely cold outside and dad and Naughty Natalie are out driving around in the 67 Chevy which is a $500.00 farm truck. Liz and I laid on the bed as the sister and the Disc Queen sit on the floor at the end of the bed leaning against the bed. The VHS movie they picked is for someone in kindergarten to watch. We can not figure out this movie or the story line and the funny parts that the sister and Disco Queens laugh at are not funny. Liz and I hope that Naughty Natalie and dad return soon so we can mix some good stiff drinks. The sister keeps looking at Liz as she hugs me while watch the VHS movie. Liz make sure the sister can see Liz’s big shiny wedding ring because everything tonight will be told to mother. Naughty Natalie and dad return just after 10pm and the sister car is running and parked out front. The sister and the Disco Queens left in a hurry and forgot the VHS movie they rented. Dad figures maybe they left it behind so we could finish watching it. Liz and I told dad there is no way we will ever watch the end of this VHS movie. Liz removed it from the VHS movie player and put in it in the VHS rental case. Then gave it to dad to take home for the Disco Queens to finish watching. Liz pours everyone a drink and we sit to chat why the private jet was late arriving in Winnipeg. I just told dad the flashing light on the of the aircraft showed the front wheel on the landing geared did not lock in to place. We had to fly around for a bit to get all other planes to land then we could land. If we crashed then the other planes did not have to wait to land. It was nothing major. Dad said it was a good thing the flashing light did not come on in Brandon. Yes that is what the pilot said too. Then when we did land and ready to leave the keys were locked up for mother’s mini van. The flying company got us a motel room which only made sense. Then Naughty Natalie pointed out we had no clothes because our luggage got unloaded in Brandon. Liz replied back that we were naked like her in the motel room. Naughty Natalie was upset that she was not there to join us being naked. With that we have a drink. Liz told dad that all the ladies in the back of the private jet just drank all the booze in case the private jet crashed so no booze would be spilled. That was a good plan and we all agreed. Plus it was so cold last night with the wind too. Dad said that is why they never tried to start the 67 Chevy when arrived at the little apartment and seen it was not plugged in properly for the electric block heater to work. Naughty Natalie tell us the dad and her had a good night sleep in the bed while mother slept on the couch thing and mother did not sleep very well. We all had a drink to that and a good laugh.

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